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Random Drug Testing In The Workplace

Written by Sierra Rein
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In some businesses and industries, random drug testing in the workplace is as common as punching in and punching out. While this practice is not found in every company, the issues surrounding personal drug use and it's effect on work output has been a part of business for almost a century. Indeed, the Ford Motor Company began visiting families known to have alcohol and domestic problems as early as 1914 in an effort to raise productivity and lower accidents at the workplace.

There is always a fine line to travel for a business owner interested in implementing random drug testing in the workplace. On the one hand, he shouldn't anger his employees with aggressive tests that violate their privacy and cause needless embarrassment. On the other hand, the safety and productivity of the workplace is constantly on his mind (not to mention the costs associated with legal, medical, and insurance battles due to drug abuse-related accidents).

The Proper Care Needed for Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

While they disagree with the "Big Brother" concept behind a lot of drug testing procedures, even union heads understand that there can be a balance between the invasion of privacy and the need to create a drug-free workplace. There are many companies, labs, and organizations dedicated to helping the employer arrive at this balance, and to provide services that will make this process easy, confidential, and cost effective. A comprehensive drug-free workplace policy, understood and signed by current employees and all future applicants, will help establish the rules and regulations as well as answer any questions or problems that may arise in the future.

When it comes to privacy and the need to reduce costs, perhaps the most effective method of random drug testing for employees is to contact an outside screening company which can draw blood or take urine samples discreetly and send them to a lab for evaluation. These can be found in most major metropolitan areas and can allow the employees to be tested away from the workplace. For more information regarding employee drug testing, visit the other pages associated with this important topic.

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