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Random Employee Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons to begin random employee drug testing in the workplace. Most of these reasons have to do with productivity and safety, and are not based on a personal grudge against the concept of drugs in general. It is the health and well being of the workplace and the employees that take precedence.

Random employee drug testing is very effective in curbing the urge to abuse and use drugs either before and during office and work hours. There are three channels of thought regarding how workplace drug screening deters drug use. There is, of course, the probabilities of getting caught and the fears of being punished, in addition to how severe the penalties will be.

The Process of Random Employee Drug Testing

There are also different structures of drug screening systems. Some drug tests only come about if there is an accident at work, or a personnel problem suspected as being the result of illegal substances. However, most of the time these are ineffective in preventing problems in the workplace.

The most effective drug testing methods are those which are random in nature. There still exists the warning of being high on the job, but the employees do not feel individually targeted or ostracized. If the drug test results show a positive, then the next steps on evaluation, help, and penalties can be assessed.

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