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Reasons To Drug Test

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons to drug test, whether you are part of a business or the head of a family. If you are the former, you should know that the personal and societal price of drinking and even moderate drug use are extremely significant. Even light drinkers can cause injuries, experience increased absenteeism, and decreased productivity.

The health care costs alone are another group of reasons to drug tests. Illnesses, injuries, and even deaths in the workplace can violently raise business budgets. By implementing a random drug testing policy, you have a higher probability of lowering overall health care and insurance costs, in addition to providing documentation for the reasons of such injuries occurring.

Reasons to Drug Test our Students and Children

With the widespread ease and availability of drugs in the schoolyard, it is now more important than ever for teachers and parents to recognize the warning signs of drugs, and to take preemptive actions against the continued use of them. Our children and young adults have a lot of physical and mental growth to accomplish; they may not reach full and healthy maturity in either of these fields if they are abusing drugs and alcohol. By randomly testing them for these substances, they can learn how to say no to peer pressure, concentrate on schoolwork, and look forward to their future.

Drug testing laws are in effect today to create effective preventative measures against poor performances at work and in schools. Parents and business owners alike have to protect their own safety in addition to the health of their children and employees. Random drug tests are a great way of doing so.

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