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Teenage Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you want to become part of the solution against substance use in schools and at your home, teenage drug testing could be your answer. Many parents, teachers, and school administrators have turned to humane but effective drug testing procedures to deter teens against destructive and abusive behavior. By creating preventive measures, there is a greater hope that violence in the schoolyard will decrease and grades will increase.

However, teenage drug testing is an often dangerous method of checking for substance abuse. The danger lies in testing our future adults without educating them about the reasons behind your action. They are growing up to become intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate people; to keep them out of the loop while invading their personal privacy could be disastrous.

Methods of Teenage Drug Testing

There are many different types of drug tests to choose from. You can choose from nicotine and alcohol tests to urine tests that check for 5 separate drug "metabolites," or traces in the body. These testing procedures can be found in home drug testing kits or can be organized at school at a moments notice.

Another, less costly option is to bring the teenager to a clinic, where blood and urine samples will be taken discreetly and sent to a lab. These labs will send the results and the analysis from them in confidential mailings to you. You can then discuss the results with the teenager and what actions should be taken in the future.

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