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Tips On Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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Here are a few tips on drug screening and how to create a drug-free workplace environment. First of all, understand that you are embarking on a controversial topic with many legal minefields. Before taking on this task, begin to observe your coworkers and employees, and be sure to recognize all of their fears and questions regarding the process.

The next few tips on drug screening relies on the business owner or manager to take in all the legal aspects of drug testing. The best way to do this is to contact a company which can help you write a drug-free workplace policy plan. This plan will be xeroxed and given to all current and applicant employees as well as posted on bulletin boards so no one can claim that they truly didn't understand the purpose of the tests in addition to their own rights.

More Tips on Drug Screening

You should never choose a drug screening method which will be more costly to you than effective. Some of the best types of drug tests utilize an outside company which can organize clinic blood draws, urine tests, or whatever other lab tests and reference ranges you need. They should be able to help you organize a system, with their expertise, that is easy and affordable to you and your company.

In addition to the bodily testing of your employees, you should also implement an educational program to discuss and teach them about drugs and the workplace. Help them to understand the connections between drug use and the increased risk to under-productivity, injuries on the job, and even death. By doing this, you can certainly aid them to realize that what you are providing them is a clean way to make the work environment a safer and happier place.

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