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Types Of Drug Tests

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are five types of drug tests that provide the most consistent metabolic results of drugs and alcoholic substances in the body. These five are urine, hair, blood, saliva, and sweat. Read the following information regarding why and how these are used, and which are the most effective.

The less intrusive and more affordable, and thus the most popular, of drug tests is urine drug screening. Because the urine stream is the primary method that drugs and their metabolites exit the body, it is the simplest and quickest method to check for drugs. However, because a sample is usually given to the clinic after the subject is behind closed doors, there is a higher chance that it could be contaminated or tampered with before it is given to the lab.

Other Types of Drug Tests and How They are Used

Hair tests require about 50 strands to be taken and dissolved at a lab for analysis of the metabolites left in the hair. While it is an incredibly effective method of testing, it nonetheless requires a lot of lab care and cost to the tester. Saliva testing, while mostly accurate, can only trace metabolites of recent drug usage (thus, this type of drug testing should be used only for current intoxication suspicions).

The perspiration, or sweat test, requires a patch to be placed on the individual (usually one on parole or in prison) to monitor any current drug use. Lastly but not least, blood testing is perhaps the most accurate of all the types of drug tests. However, it can be expensive and is considered the most intrusive of tests.

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