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Understanding Drug Test Results

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many people, reading numbers on a line is one thing, and understanding drug test results is quite another. If you are a parent or the owner of a business, you must keep a cool and intellectual head regarding the results of the drug tests done on your children or employees. There are many numbers which can be interpreted as definite drug usage, but in reality could be considered the effects of normal and day to day biological functions.

Some tests might be effected by how it was administered and what the subject ate an hour ago. Others could provide false positives, or those brought upon by the infamous "poppy-seed muffin" and testing positive for morphine and codeine scenario. Other tests could be considered ineffectual due to tampering or contamination during the collection of the specimen.

Who to Ask for Help in Understanding Drug Test Results

If you have purchased a home drug testing kit or are affiliated with a company who has supplied you drug testing services, you can always contact them if you are confused. They should be able to show you how to recognize warning signs, and when it may be necessary to perform more substance testing. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a bunch of numbers you can not truly analyze yourself!

Make sure you re-read the drug testing at the workplace policy which was written at the beginning of the process. You might have to consult legal documentation before directly talking to the employee and asking him about his behavior and personal information regarding drugs. Without following proper procedure, he may have a legal basis for suing you for discrimination, no matter if understanding drug test results is a part of your skill or not.

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