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Urine Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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Perhaps the most popular and recognizable method of testing the body for illicit drugs and alcohol in the body is that of urine drug screening. It is the least invasive type of drug testing, as it merely requires the elimination of urine into a cup. Most people have experienced this process during routine doctor's visits, and most would never complain of the procedure in any serious way.

Urine drug screening works so well because the urine is the main method by which metabolites (or small structures created in the body due to chemical compounds like drugs) are eliminated by the body. Laboratories use different methods (the most common being Immunoassays) to use certain antibodies which are designed to bind to certain types of drug metabolites. Once the antibody bindings are recognized using enzyme, radioisotope, or fluorescent screenings, the level of drug can be determined.

Reasons to Choose Urine Drug Screening Tests

As stated above, urine lab tests are very tame and require no needles, swabs, or hair pulling to obtain a body sample. They can be utilized for obtaining information on most drug and alcohol substances, including the top "NIDA 5." These include all the opiates and cannabinoids associated alongside heroine, cocaine, and marijuana.

Urine tests can also be used to provide evidence towards already strong cases regarding drug abuse behavior by an individual. They are more likely to be processed in most laboratories, and more up to date technologies are being utilized within this testing method than most. However, if there are any questions regarding the results, then perhaps further blood work tests may be in order.

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