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Workplace Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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The issues surrounding workplace drug screening have become quite inflamed in the past few years. After all, drug abuse is (unfortunately) an incredibly common problem to deal with in our society overall. The workplace is not immune to this problem, and in fact has suffered more because of it.

The difficulty lies in creating a balance between personal, individual freedom and privacy and the desire to make an office or work area safe. While under the influence of drugs, most people are usually not in the right frame of mind to perform their jobs at full intensity and productivity. Quite the opposite sometimes happens, and in dangerous work environments, this can mean on-the-job injuries or death.

The Great Benefits of a Workplace Drug Screening Program

Some types of businesses, especially those who need to hire commercial drivers, are required through Governmental laws to perform random drug testing programs. They have to adhere to any set D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) regulations. Through careful and effective drug testing, at least they will be sure that drug abuse will not be so rampant as to endanger the drivers, pedestrians, and other motorists.

Thus, by setting up random employee drug testing, you are taking the first step towards fighting drug abuse at the workplace. Employees will be less likely to take drugs, productivity levels will rise, and such plagues as absenteeism and accidents will decrease. For more information, you can find other websites regarding workplace drug screening products and services right on the Internet.

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