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Workplace Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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With the constantly changing technologies of this world, it is more and more necessary to come up with easier means by which to do things, and this includes workplace drug testing solutions. While the most popular method, urinalysis, is still going strong, other methods are stepping into the limelight. Some are incredibly reliable, such as blood work, while new types of drug screening products are still in the testing stages.

Workplace drug testing itself is a fine line. An employer has to be fair in his assessment of who needs to be tested, why, and when. Because of this, some business owners establish a random drug testing procedure that targets no one in particular, and raises no privacy issues and suspicions.

How to Start a Workplace Drug Testing Program in Your Business

No matter how many employees are working at your company, there is a drug testing solution for you. Some employers create on-the-job testing and order kits. Others send their employees out at random times to have blood drawn from clinics and have the vials analyzed by laboratories.

No matter which way you put it, employee drug testing can be a solid way to send a clear message to your workers: do not come to work under the influence of drugs under the threat of penalty. What you penalize them with is up to you, and you must discuss these concepts and policies frankly with your employees. With a clear mode of communication, any drug testing plan can work, and work well.

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