Animal Dental Care

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Animal dental care is as important as human dental care. Just imagine how your teeth, gums and mouth would feel if you never brushed your teeth! Your pet has the same needs you do: good brushing, check-ups, and cleaning. The consequences of neglected animal dental care are just as disastrous as they are for people. The body's organs--heart, kidneys, and liver--will become infected with bacteria and may be permanently damaged.

Pet oral care may begin with your detection of bad breath in your dog or cat. Contrary to what many people may think, dogs should not have offensive "doggy" breath. Just as people can have clean, fresh breath, so, too, can dogs and cats if their overall health and dental health are good.

Animal Dental Care Products

When you consider how pet dental care can affect your animal's health, you might be surprised to learn that 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over the age of three have periodontal disease. This means these poor animals are in pain and have a serious deterioration of their gums and the bones that support their teeth. Fortunately, there are many things you can do at home to prevent this from happening to your pet.

One of the obvious treatments is tooth brushing. Special toothpastes and gels are manufactured for pets that are not harmful if swallowed. Since some pets are not easily convinced that they should let you brush their teeth, it's just as well that no rinsing is necessary! You can keep your dog or cat in good health--and living longer--with good animal dental care.

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