Automatic Hand Dryer

Written by Samuel Wong
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The new automatic hand dryers are modern versions of the hand dryers you may be familiar with from public restrooms at rest stops and diners throughout the country. The new automatic hand dryers have an advantage over their predecessors. They've eliminated the button! Taking the "touch" out of yet another step in the hand washing process results in cleaner hands for you and, ultimately, a cleaner environment.

These motion-activated automatic hand dryers also do not have the annoying trait of their counterparts because they shut off when you're done drying your hands. I've seen people get pretty annoyed when the older dryers shut off after half a minute leaving their hands dripping wet. And no matter how many times they press the button, it still shuts off after the same period of time.

Automatic Hand Dryers Are Better than Before

Newer technology makes the new automatic hand dryers much more quiet than their older counterparts. They're also much more energy efficient, because they turn off when you walk away, instead staying on for a set amount of time after you leave, like the old-fashioned hand dryers.

Our society is losing sight of the importance of conservation that was once so important as recently as 10 years ago. Disposable things like dust cloths, hand wipes, and cleaning brushes are now viewed as the cleaner, more sanitary alternative to traditional methods. An automatic hand dryer bucks the "use and toss" trend by using everyday air to dry your hands, so it truly is more environmentally conscious than any other hand drying method.

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