Bathroom Trash Cans

Written by Samuel Wong
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Bathroom trash cans are the unsung heroes of home furnishings. They have to withstand extreme changes in temperature and humidity whenever we take showers or baths. They put up with being sprinkled with hair spray, perfume, and countless other cosmetic chemicals. Worst of all, they have the privilege of seeing us at our worst--first thing in the morning. The bathroom trash can has the honorable duty of keeping all the evidence of our beauty secrets out of the hands of our best friends and worst enemies.

Bathroom trash cans should be durable and easy to clean. They have to be able to stand up to the abuse caused by leaky toothpaste tubes, partially empty bottles of hair dye, and cotton balls soaked in cleansers. They also have to be able to withstand being bumped into all those early mornings when you groggily drag yourself across the bathroom into the shower..

Spick and Span with Bathroom Trash Cans!

You may not think there are dangers lurking in your bathroom trash, but consider how many disposable razors are tossed into bathroom trash cans around the world. Then think about how many curious little ones like to play detective by picking through the trash can. Save yourself the stress of worrying about cuts and chemical burns on little fingers by investing in a trash can that securely closes, keeping harmful items in and tiny hands out.

There is an endless variety of bathroom garbage cans that blend in beautifully with any color or design scheme. Bathroom trash cans are available in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, so you can decide whether the bathroom trash can should be the focal point of your bathroom, or be hidden away beneath the sink. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to bathroom trash cans!

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