Dental Care For Cats

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dental care for cats requires delicacy, as these strong-willed animals have their own ideas about what they will and will not tolerate. Good pet oral care also requires products whose taste is neutral. With almost three-fourths of cats over three years of age having periodontal problems, cat owners can take a look at the fine oral hygiene products available today.

If your docile kitty will let you brush its teeth, fine. If not, try a gel that can be rubbed on the gum line and left to do its work. There is no need to rinse or brush, as these gels contain non-toxic ingredients that do not rely on friction or abrasion for effectiveness. Modern products for dental care for cats list the ingredients and often have a table that explains the purpose of each ingredient.

Gels for Cat Dental Care

Pet dental care needs products with the finest, safest ingredients just as much as those for human oral hygiene. Cats have special sensitivities and these must be respected or it is possible to do harm to their health. Flea solutions for dogs, for example, should not be used on felines of any age.

One of the most important ingredients you should look for in a pet gel is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which is also highly effective for human beings. This substance kills the microorganisms in the mouth that cause bad breath, thereby preventing the conditions that permit offensive mouth odors to develop. Aloe is another ingredient in gels for dental care for cats that is a contributor to healing and healthy mouth tissue.

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