Dog Bad Breath

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dog bad breath is not necessary. Dogs should have fresh breath, just as people do when they and their teeth and gums are healthy. In this regard, dogs and their owners are remarkably similar--the causes of halitosis are the same for both. For pets and people, halitosis is mostly caused by problems in the mouth, usually periodontal disease caused by plaque.

Prevention of plaque buildup and the bacteria that start it is neither difficult nor costly. Dog bad breath is a symptom of deterioration of your pet's healthy mouth, and a wake-up call to establish a good regimen of animal dental care before having to pay the veterinarian for more drastic remedies. Several dog dental products are available that can prevent major problems from developing and keep your dog's mouth clean and breath fresh.

Correcting Canine Bad Breath

Perhaps the easiest part of a regimen of oral care is a solution to put in the drinking water of pets that they will not even realize is there because of its neutral presence. Comprised of several halitosis-fighting ingredients, it works continuously to help keep teeth whiter and breath pleasant. A most important ingredient is sodium chlorite, which combats the bacteria and plaque that are responsible for incipient mouth problems.

Zinc has been found to battle the toxins from volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth that contribute to dog bad breath. Other ingredients do their part to create an odorless, tasteless solution that you simply add to your dog's drinking water for a carefree approach to dental care. Used in conjunction with tooth brushing, such oral hygiene products help keep your dog's entire system healthy.

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