Dog Dental Products

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dog dental products are specifically designed to be easy to use by pet owners and to be comfortable for your dog. Socializing puppies is a crucial part of young dogs' training to be amiable companions for human beings. Part of that socializing process involves handling puppies slowly and gently over all their body: head, legs, tail, and mouth.

Once puppies are at ease with this, they should be introduced to tooth brushing with an equally leisurely pace. There are many dog dental products on the market that will help an owner give the best possible pet oral care at home. These fine products enable an owner to provide pets with excellent pet dental health, thereby cutting down on the trauma of surgery and reducing vet bills.

Helpful Dog Dental Products

Unless dogs have been accustomed to dental care as puppies, they might resist such handling as adults. All the more reason for toothbrushes to work fast; a three-headed brush permits brushing of all three surfaces of a tooth simultaneously. Obviously, this lets you finish this essential task in short order so you can move on to the next dog dental products and routines.

The bristles should be extremely soft because gum tissue is fast-growing and can be easily damaged by hard brushing. Be sure to use toothpastes made for dogs, not people, and especially avoid ones with sugar in them. Flavored brushes sound as if they would help in the tooth brushing, but think about it. Your dog is probably chewing on the brush to suck all the flavor, making it impossible to actually brush any teeth at all.

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