Garbage Cans

Written by Samuel Wong
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Imagine a world without garbage cans. Trash would be scattered far and wide. Discarded wrappers would overshadow wildflowers. Cigarette butts and cola cans would cover creeks and canyons. Waterways and open spaces would turn into unkempt landfills. Oscar the Grouch would be homeless! Now try imagining your home without garbage cans. Your pristine palace would be a pigsty.

Changes in garbage can shapes and sizes have come and gone over the years, but their function remains constant: a place to put the trash. Nowadays, trash cans do not have to be the little bins you try to hide behind a cupboard or underneath the sink. There are garbage cans available that will blend in seamlessly with your décor, whether it be Indian-influenced or industrial. Recent innovations make these cans even easier to use. There are garbage cans that open when you press your foot down on a pedal, and technologically advanced cans that open automatically when they "see" you holding trash!

Garbage Cans: Keeping It Clean

Garbage cans are a necessity wherever cleanliness is key. They keep odors sealed up in a baby's room, and cosmetic-caked cotton balls under control in the ladies' room. Trash cans keep little ones' hands away from and out of messes in the kitchen and bathroom. And when a child's hands are clean, that means fewer health headaches for mom!

Though they may appear as inanimate objects, trash cans are the workhorses of every room in the house. They serve as sanitary sentries, keeping harmful waste sealed away and out of sight. Garbage cans keep clutter and contamination under control. They keep our home and our world clean.

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