Hand Dryers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Have you ever been out of paper towels at a service station or rest stop and been so scared to touch the handle of the door with your wet hands that you used your shirt to shield the germs from your hand? If you have done this before, most likely 9 out of 10 other people can relate. If this situation sounds familiar, you'll understand why dryers are a must.

What is being done to combat this "ick factor"? The short answer is the increased use of hand dryers. Most of the models now offered are actually touchless or hands free hand dryers. These dryers are more sanitary and prevent paper towels from filling our landfills.

Hand Dryer--A Modern Solution to a Stone-Age Problem

Some of these hand dryers have become so downright high-tech and cool looking that many individuals are purchasing them for their homes! Most hand dryers work by pressing a button, bringing forth a blast of warm air for a predetermined length of time. Smarter units actually detect when your hands are under the dryer and will continually produce warm air until you have removed your hands. By using a hand dryer, you are able to avoid mildew-gathering towels and even worse, having to use your shirt or pants in the event of a costly paper product shortage.

Taking things to a fun extreme, the dryers used in some of the fanciest pet salons are, in essence, very fancy hand dryers! They are able to detect motion, moisture, and proximity to the unit, so as not to burn the fur on Fluffy! As applications for today's sophisticated hand dryers continue to develop, consider adding one in your home today.

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