Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Hand sanitizer dispensers make it easier than ever to keep our hands germ-free. With the new hand sanitizing lotions, there's no need for soap and water to get our hands clean. The ingredients in hand sanitizers kill up to 99% of germs on our hands, and leave them soft and smooth in the process.

Hand sanitizers are very versatile, and come in handy virtually anywhere. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been used in hospitals for years to protect patients and newborns from harmful germs. I've seen quite a few hand sanitizer dispensers at pet stores to protect puppies, kittens, and newly hatched baby birds from bacteria that live on our hands.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Are a Healthy Choice

Recent use of hand sanitizers at daycare centers has greatly reduced the number of coughs and sniffs that get passed around among the little ones. Adding a hand sanitizer dispenser next to the paper towel dispenser at the bathroom in my office also has had a similar effects to what was seen at the daycare center. When employees are healthy and not fighting off this week's cold, they are a lot more productive and are a lot more pleasant. Now, the only thing that is getting passed around at work are smiles!

Sanitizer dispensers are a small investment with a monumental payoff. A few dispensers will repay you tenfold with fewer sick days and fewer employees missing work to take care of sick kids. Using hand sanitizer dispensers is an intelligent, health-conscious decision.

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