Hand Sanitizers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Hand sanitizers make it easy to be germ free, regardless of whether you have soap and water handy. Hand sanitizers were first used by doctors in hospitals, but manufacturers were smart and made them available to everybody. Sanitizers kill up to 99% of bacteria on your hands. Many come in containers that fit in your pocket or handbag, so you can kill those germs no matter where you are.

Sanitizers are especially useful when hand-washing facilities in a public restroom are out of order or are dirtier than the floor! Sanitizers are gentle yet effective, so you can kill the germs without having to worry about killing your skin!

Hand Sanitizers Make the World Unsafe for Germs

If everybody were to use hand sanitizers, there would be a drastic reduction in the transmission of colds and flus. You no longer have to feel self-conscious if you have to shake hands with your boss, whom you just saw walk out of the restroom without stopping at the sink. You can hake his hand, then wipe your hands with your pocket-sized hand sanitizer after you're out of his sight.

Hand sanitizers don't just work on hands. You can squirt some sanitizer onto a cotton pad or tissue and use it to disinfect a pay phone when your cellular phone's battery dies or has no service. You can use it to wipe off a dirty doorknob or a grab bar on the subway. Hand sanitizers really should be called handy sanitizers!

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