Hands Free Dryer

Written by Samuel Wong
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Using a hands free dryer eliminates our reliance on wasteful paper towels. A hands free dryer greatly reduces the risk of germ transmission found on communal hand towels or conventional paper towels. It is often difficult to get a completely dry paper towel in some restrooms without having to pull out a few feet of paper, or a few sheets worth of towels. As if the restroom wasn't wet enough, wet paper towels are a breeding ground for bacteria

A hands free dryer greatly reduces the risk of germ transmission. The more common paper towel dispensers require repeated pulling of a lever or handle, or pulling on a roll that's been touched by countless hands before yours. And where other people's hands have been, other people's germs remain.

A Hands Free Dryer Is Handy and Healthy

A touchless dryer reduces our dependence on disposable paper products. Paper towels are quite costly, and many offices use plenty of paper outside of the restroom and washroom. Hands free dryer usage is environmentally conscious in that no trees are destroyed to produce them. The same cannot be said for conventional hand drying methods.

After replacing your conventional paper towels with a touchless dryer, you will notice that your restroom now has a clean floor, free of discarded paper, and trash cans no longer packed full of paper towels. A hands free dryer is a small product that makes a really big difference. Most importantly, the instances of toilets being clogged with paper towels will be a thing of the past.

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