Health And Hygiene

Written by Samuel Wong
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Health and hygiene go hand in hand. The degree of your health can be attributed to your hygiene and your hygiene practices. Those of us who take extra care to wash up before eating and after using the restroom generally suffer from fewer colds and flu-like symptoms throughout the year. People who use hand sanitizers when soap and water are unavailable are able to experience the same benefits of people who frequently wash their hands.

By now, we all know that our own hygiene practices or lack of hygiene practices not only affect us but also affect the health of others. Many of us know someone who has experienced food poisoning. One of the main causes of food poisoning and food contamination can be traced back to a kitchen worker's hygienic practices. If he or she is not dependable in upholding the restaurant's hygienic laws, you could be the one to suffer. Understanding the interconnected relationship of health and hygiene is the first step to a healthier life.

Health and Hygiene Starts at Home

Learning about health and hygiene and sharing that knowledge with your family is a great way to improve your family's overall health. When you teach your children at an early age about the importance of good hygiene, you are helping them build the foundation for a long, healthy life. Healthy habits start young--especially when you are a consistent role model.

Make sure to always have soap available by the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink so there is no excuse to forget. Also, keep clean towels on hand in the bathroom and kitchen, and don't forget to include the dish towels in the weekly laundry. Just take a glance around your house with the goal of promoting health and hygiene in mind, and you will see these and other changes that will create a cleaner, disease-free living environment.

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