Healthy Smiles

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Healthy smiles are attractive, and indicate people who have confidence that their breath is fresh, their gums are pink, and their teeth are nice and white. Such obvious healthiness is not accidental, but the result of good nutrition, exercise, and regular oral hygiene. This trio of healthy habits builds strong bodies and self-assured individuals who are proud of the care they put into their well-being.

Not one of these three components of healthiness costs a lot of money. You have to eat to stay alive, so why not buy nutritious foods that you know are fostering good health? Exercise can be free--how much does it cost to walk a few miles every day, or join a game of basketball with friends? Dental care products are necessities if you want to maintain a healthy mouth, so consider quality ingredients that keep mouths looking and feeling good and create healthy smiles.

Healthy Smiles Make People Glow

People may notice a lot of things about another person in the first few seconds, but nothing outshines a bright, cheerful smile. What a friendly, open face! A nice smile is a magnet that draws people into your orbit and makes them want to know you better. Most certainly, your boss will look forward to seeing you, and will react favorably to your presence.

How to get healthy smiles? Oral hygiene is neither complicated nor costly. Change your toothbrush every few months, and use toothpaste that attacks odor-causing molecules in your mouth. Look for a mouthwash that can handle the challenges presented by bad breath, not just mask mouth odors for a few minutes. Also, floss regularly to keep food from decaying in your mouth and causing foul odors.

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