Home Hygiene

Written by Samuel Wong
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As you may already know, many of the items we take for granted at home, including home hygiene products, were designed solely for industrial or commercial use. Does anyone remember Tang and dehydrated ice cream? Although none of us will be heading to the moon any time soon, we all benefit from these commercial items.

The increase in transmission of rhinovirus (the common cold, to those of us who didn't attend medical school) among schoolchildren is most likely the driving force behind the increased importance given to school hygiene. Many of the items found in schools to promote school hygiene can be used at home!

Good Home Hygiene Promotes a Healthy Environment

A few examples of these items that promote school and home hygiene are stainless steel trash cans, touchless soap dispensers, hands free dryers, and antibacterial soaps. At home, you can implement a home hygiene regimen so seamless and simple that you would not believe it! Manufacturers are catching on and marketing liquid antibacterial hand soaps, touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, and, believe it or not, touchless lotion dispensers to keep our bodies soft and clean after a bath or shower!

Long lost are the loud, ugly dispensers used for commercial settings. Manufacturers are now offering choices ranging from the solutions used in dispensers for home hygiene, all the way to the dispensers themselves, which now look like they actually belong in your home, and not in a spaceship, dispensing Tang!

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