Lotion Dispensers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Savvy new twists on an old product, lotion dispensers are finding their way into the realms of the American home, auto shops, veterinary clinics, and hospitals, just to name a few. With all the liquid hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps in use, sometimes our hands become cracked, or at the very least, dry, due to the dehydrating effects of the cleaners found in the products. This is where lotion dispensers come in handy! This would surely explain the increase in use and more common occurrence of lotion dispensers in homes and businesses.

A man or woman doing his or her standard household chores has also started taking advantage of lotion dispensers. After washing a sink full of pots and pans in industrial strength dish soap, much of the moisture that keeps our hands soft is washed away. A lotion dispenser by the sink is becoming a more and more common sight in people's homes. The same goes for yardwork. After spending hours raking, sweeping and tilling the earth, you can bet that more and more people will be healing their hands by using a lotion dispenser perched atop the utility sink!

Lotion Dispensers Make Good Sense

With the constant hand washing and dressing required in hospitals, lotion dispensers have started to replace the standard lotion pumps. Most of these lotion dispensers are touchless, protecting the sanitary environment required in the medical field. Who better to trust for hygiene practices than a hospital?

The cleaners and sterilizers used in used in both auto repair and veterinary clinics are surprisingly common and similar. For this reason, many business owners are installing lotion dispensers in their facilities to ensure their employees' skin does not keep them from doing their hard work! Just because you work hard does not mean your skin must be hard as well. Treat your hands well, and they'll let you keep working for years to come.

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