Office Hygiene

Written by Samuel Wong
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There are two types of people who are likely to be reading this article on office hygiene: bosses who want their employees' absenteeism decreased, and the office worker who saw the latest news magazine investigation entitled "Killers lurking in the workplace!"

As we all know, these merciless, blood-sucking "killers" turn out to be germs. These are the same germs that keep millions out sick from work, costing companies billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Most people, employers and employees included, are eager to find out how an office hygiene system can transform your office from a "killer"-ridden workplace to one much more conducive to good health and well-being.

The first steps usually involve the use of touchless products. These are the cornerstone of all effective office hygiene programs. The steps to make your office a much less threatening area are so simple, and cost-effective that even a penny-pinching CFO would be embarrassed to deny a purchase order for touchless soap dispensers, antibacterial hand soaps, and wall mounted hand dryers. These can be used in all of the common areas throughout the entire office.

Office Hygiene 101 for Nail Biters

Just think about it--when you do not have to touch something that someone else touches, you are responsible for your own germs! If you are a nail biter, you'll be relieved to know that biting your nails is "safer and healthier" when you just sanitized your hands using a touchless dispenser filled with antibacterial hand cleaner!

Let's get over the mental hurdle that allows us to justify not using these office hygiene products! After all, I am sure we all think our business and personal health is just as important as the health of the millions of people who use these products in amusement parks, gas stations, schools, and hospitals!

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