Oral Irrigators

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Oral irrigators are not the most commonplace oral hygiene products, but they are among the most effective at helping to reduce plaque and break up calculus (tartar). When used with an anti-bacterial mouthwash, oral irrigators have an impressive track record of maintaining oral health. As with many products, there are adequate irrigators and mouthwashes and premium items that have a superior impact on the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

A hydromagnetic irrigator has been found to be 44 percent more effective than regular oral irrigators. This item magnetically charges a warm solution of mouth rinse and water to destroy bacteria, attack plaque, and blast calculus. Such an irrigator is an excellent weapon against the food debris that is one of the causes of mouth problems.

Oral Irrigators and Mouthwashes

You may think of mouthwashes as just burning, medicinal-tasting liquids, but if so, you are probably using an ordinary rinse that contains alcohol. It is important to use alcohol free rinses because these do much more than just cover up bad breath for a few minutes. If they contain zinc and sodium chlorite, they go after the causes of halitosis.

Lemon and mint flavors are invigorating without burning, and the lemon stimulates the flow of saliva, which aids in digestion and prevents the development of dry mouth. Aside from being a symptom of some kind of disorder, dry mouth can lead to halitosis because the balance of protective fluids in the mouth is disrupted. The combined use of irrigators and mouth rinses helps to maintain the health of your mouth in many ways, from battling bad breath to getting rid of tartar.

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