Pet Dental Health

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pet dental health depends on tooth brushing and a good regimen of pet oral care, but it also depends on the kind of food your pet eats. People and pets are only as healthy as their nutritional intake allows. Most of us are aware that fast food has too much fat and not enough vitamins and minerals, but how many take the time to plan and eat nutritious meals?

Probably even fewer have scrutinized the dog or cat food their pet eats. Most people buy their pet food from supermarkets, which stock famous brands, not necessarily the most vitamin and mineral-rich foods. Just as fast food, desserts, and starchy foods replace more healthy fruits and vegetables in people's diets, so the fillers in pet food replace more nutritious elements and affect pet dental health.

The Best Food for Good Pet Dental Health

Superior pet food costs more, just as organic food costs more for people. Good nutrition, however, is not just a matter of adequate energy, getting some sleep, or feeling mostly okay. Optimum health in pets and people means having lots of energy, sleeping soundly, and being sharp mentally.

If you take some time to examine the label on your pet's food, you may understand why your dog or cat is lethargic. Poor protein sources include soybean meal, wheat, and corn products are inexpensive substitutes for good meat. BHA and BHT are two chemical preservatives found in most commercial pet food, yet these have been shown to promote liver disease and cause other health problems. Good pet dental health depends on good pet dental care, but a proper diet is also essential to a happy, healthy pet. Along with regular brushings, you may want to consider a health supplement as well. Some companies have designed vitamins specially formulated for pet health.

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