Pet Oral Care

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pet oral care and a nutritious diet are the two building blocks of a healthy dog or cat. Removing bacteria and plaque from your pet's mouth is critical to preventing pain and diseases from riddling your pet's mouth and body. High-quality ingredients in your pet's food contribute to pet dental health as well as overall well-being.

What constitutes superior pet food? Avoid inferior sources of protein (soybeans, wheat, and corn), chemical preservatives, by-products (feet, lungs, and heads of animals), and condemned animal parts that would not be acceptable for human consumption. These are commonly known as the four D's--animals that are dead, dying, decayed or diseased.

Diet and Pet Oral Care

Just as you have a better chance at vitality and health if you eat good quality foods, so do your pets. Premium pet food consists of high quality protein sources (meat, eggs), natural preservatives (vitamin E), and friendly bacteria to increase digestion. Protein builds muscles and makes strong bodies in general, so it is essential to a growing pet and to good cat and dog dental health.

Fatty acids produce a healthy coat with luster and good color. Chelated minerals are absorbed better by the body and are critical to pet oral care. All these quality ingredients are a part of a good pet oral care program of hygiene and diet, for the vitamins and minerals in excellent pet food build strong teeth, bones, and muscles. Free of chemicals, inferior by-products, and fillers, premium pet food costs more in the short run, but may save you a lot of money in the long run. Using pet care products such as toothpastes on a very regular basis will also benefit your pet's overall health.

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