Prevent Bad Breath

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Prevent bad breath by eating nutritious food and avoiding soft drinks, snacks, and sugar. Dentists and doctors are clear on the link between wholesome food and good health, and the link between processed, sugary food and health problems. These problems certainly include tooth disorders, such as cavities, tooth decay, erosion of tooth enamel, and gum disease.

Whereas vitamin-packed foods contribute to sound teeth and healthy gums, which prevent bad breath, processed food and soft drinks undermine the health of your mouth. Snacking between meals is especially harmful because the sugar and starch that are dominant in snacks produce acid which attacks the teeth until brushed away. If such eating habits continue, they will contribute to tooth decay, which is a main cause of bad breath.

Prevent Bad Breath by Avoiding Soft Drinks

The problem with added sugars is that they take the place of vitamins and minerals in foods. Soft drinks are a major source of this added sugar, which is detrimental to oral hygiene. Americans drink almost 60 gallons of soft drinks per person each year. This is more than any other beverage, including coffee, beer and water.

Aside from sugar and its negative effects on the body, soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and citric acid which can permanently damage the teeth. Acid eats away at surfaces, and the hard tissues on a tooth's surface can be eroded. One of the best ways to prevent bad breath is to simply stop drinking soft drinks, which are not beneficial, and can do a lot of harm. In tandem, quality dental care should be practiced, including using a non-alcoholic mouth rinse and irrigation.

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