Tongue Cleaners

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Tongue cleaners may seem a bit exotic to those used to just giving their teeth a swipe with the old toothbrush, but they do perform an important service for your oral hygiene. They loosen and remove bacteria from your tongue that will cause problems if left there. Brushing your tongue kind of tickles, but tongue cleaners smoothly get rid of the germs that start creating problems in your mouth.

Let's face it, your mouth is hardly the cleanest place. After all, we are supposed to be very careful when handling meat products to wash our hands and sanitize any surfaces the meat has touched. We put the meat in our mouths, chew it until our teeth and saliva break it down sufficiently, then swallow it. Our teeth are notorious for getting bits and pieces of food stuck between them, and this decaying food affects everything in our mouth.

Tongue Cleaners and Oral Hygiene

Tongue cleaners make the control and elimination of bacteria easier, but they also encourage us to pay more attention to the condition of our tongue. Like other parts of our body, our tongue is an indicator of health. Many conditions show up on or in our tongue that tell us we need medical attention to find the underlying cause.

Pain, hairy appearance, color changes, smoothness, swelling, ulcers, white lining, grooves in the tongue, or a cobblestone appearance--these indicate some abnormality that should be diagnosed. For some conditions, oral hygiene products are recommended to clear up the problem. Hairy tongue and black tongue, for example, can be cleared up with a regular oral hygiene program, and possibly antibiotics. A far easier and much less embarrassing step is to simply use a tongue cleaner on a regular basis.

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