Touchless Liquid Dispensers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Touchless liquid dispensers are an easy way to eliminate dining disasters. There's no better way to ruin a memorable meal at your favorite restaurant than by paying a visit to the often dirty restaurant restroom. I can't count all the times when the soap dispenser was broken, empty, or altogether missing. And of course, you only realize these things after you've used the bathroom. You can wash your hands with hot water and tell yourself that you're getting clean, but the fact that you washed your hands with no soap will nag at you for the rest of the night.

This whole fiasco could have been avoided with the use of touchless liquid dispensers. These dispensers do not use the common manual pump dispensing mechanism, so there is no chance of it being broken. Many touchless dispensers have large windows, so it is easy to see when a refill is in order. Upgrading your restrooms with touchless dispensers will ensure that the only thing your customers will remember is the great food.

Touchless Liquid Dispensers Are Multi-Taskers!

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using a touchless liquid dispenser in non-conventional methods. Make a company picnic memorable and the talk of the water cooler on Monday when you fill your touchless liquid dispensers with ketchup, mustard, and mayo at the condiment booth.

My friends in the salon industry use touchless liquid dispensers for their shampoos and conditioners. I've heard from people in the health spa business that stocking a massage booth with touchless dispensers filled with various scented massage oils makes their customers even more relaxed than before. Pamper your guests at your tanning salon business with a touchless dispenser filled with revitalizing, repairing moisturizing lotion.

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