Touchless Products

Written by Samuel Wong
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As one of those people who likes to have the latest in technology in my home, I'm amazed by the versatility of touchless products. Recently I attended a home improvement expo at the local convention center. As I passed by all of the computerized, Internet-connected appliances, I found myself awestruck by the booth featuring these products. They were able to operate virtually independent of human interaction. An Internet-based refrigerator would be nice, but I know I'd find a trash can that I don't have to touch much more useful!

I was very excited to learn that the world of touchless products is not just limited to trash cans. There were hands-free lotion dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, and touchless hand dryers. I was delighted at the thought of having a fully automated, touchless home! And it is much easier than I could have ever imagined. I got so caught up in the convenience aspect that I almost forgot a more important benefit of these types of products.

Help the World and Your Wallet

Touchless products not only help me out at home, but they really benefit the environment. I don't have to worry about wasting water by forgetting to turn off the faucet, or contributing to deforestation by buying countless rolls of paper towels to dry off my hands. Just the thought of how much greener the planet would be if we replaced our one-time use paper towels with a hand dryer makes me want to tell everyone I know about the benefits of touchless products!

Not only do I feel like I'm saving trees by using these products, but I'm also saving lots of money. When the water turns off the instant I move away from my touchless automatic faucet, I am shaving countless gallons off of my water bill. My shampoo and conditioner last twice as long now that I've replaced their conventional bottles with touchless dispensers.

Touchless Products are Hygienic Helpers

I convinced the supply manager at work to buy a touchless soap dispenser and hand dryer for the restrooms at the office simply to introduce my coworkers to the benefits of touchless products. Needless to say, they amazed everyone, and after a few weeks, I noticed people weren't passing around the same old cold and calling in sick, which always happens at work. That was proof to me that touchless products are healthy for everyone!

My excitement for touchless products has spread to my next-door neighbor, who updated her playroom with quite a few touchless items. She says her little ones now enjoy cleaning up after finger painting and playing outside, because they get to use the "magic" automatic soap dispenser when they wash up before dinner. And while they wash up, they're learning about conservation. And she goes on and on about how they love putting trash in the touchless trash can!

Touchless Products Give You Peace of Mind

Touchless products are a simple, sensible solution to the problems faced by everyone in this fast-paced day and age. We want to be cleaner and feel like we're doing our part to make the world cleaner. We feel better knowing we're not being wasteful and contributing to the world's already overburdened landfills. Touchless products help us achieve this goal by reducing our consumption of our precious natural resources.

Touchless products also help us minimize our exposure to harmful germs like salmonella, mold, mildew, and viruses that are lurking everywhere, especially on garbage cans and soap dispensers. I can't even begin to imagine how caretakers like mothers and nurses feel about staying healthy--what a blessing touchless products will be in their lives!

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