Wall Mounted Hand Dryers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Take that towel rack off the wall and replace it with one of the new wall mounted hand dryers! There are countless benefits to using wall mounted hand dryers. If you hang it where your towel rack once was, you won't have to spend any time retraining yourself on how to dry your hands. The simple act of grabbing for the towel that was once there is enough to turn on the wall mounted hand dryer. The only difference will be that your hands will be dry and germ free. No more smelly communal towel or piles of used paper towels around the garbage can from those aspiring basketball players.

Wall mounted hand dryers are an easy way to modernize the look of any washroom. They are unobtrusive and blend in seamlessly with any bathroom design. Most importantly, wall mounted hand dryers eliminate the risk of bacterial transmission often associated with communal hand towel and paper towel use. Also, hand dryers dry your hands, but they do not dry them out. Many conventional paper towels really do not know the difference between surface moisture and moisture within your skin. Skin without internal moisture is more susceptible to infection.

Wall Mounted Hand Dryers for Home and Office

The cost savings of wall mounted hand dryers do not have to be enjoyed only by large businesses and corporations. You will enjoy immense savings on paper towel costs as they will now be unnecessary. Your water and electricity bills will decrease, because you won't be washing and drying your conventional cloth towels as often.

Adding a wall mounted hand dryer to any bathroom or kitchen will instantly make it more hygienic. Put one in the kids' bathroom and you'll never have to pick up wet paper towels or hand towels again. Some kids might even prefer to dry off after a shower or bath using the wall mounted hand dryer! Now that would be fun!

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