Hypnosis And Golf

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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All sorts of professional and competitive athletes use hypnosis to help them improve their competitive performances. Although hypnosis is regularly used by runners, swimmers and baseball players, it is especially helpful to golfers. The game of golf is largely a game of concentration.

Golf is a game of opposites. To make your drive more powerful, you have to make your swing easier and more relaxed. To nail a perfect putt, you have to approach it with detachment and calm. Golf has been described as a very "Zen" game. The technique of hypnosis is perfectly suited to creating this delicate balance of effort and effortlessness.

How to Improve Your Golf Game with Hypnosis

For the professional golfer interested in performance-enhancing hypnosis, visiting a trained hypnotherapist for one on one sessions is recommended. A personal session is generally considered more powerful and effective than listening to an MP3 or cassette tape. If you are a competitive golfer whose livelihood depends on his swing, the additional cost of visiting a hypnotist in person is well worth it.

For the amateur golfer, however, downloading a golf hypnosis MP3 to listen to at home should probably be sufficient. Downloading MP3s is very affordable. It may not be quite as effective as visiting a doctor in person, but it is still very powerful. Plus, once you have downloaded the MP3, you can listen to it again and again. You can also listen to it anytime of day or night when it is convenient for you, something you cannot do when visiting a hypnotherapist in person.

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