Hypnosis And Motivation

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are an amazing number of motivational products out there. Whole sections of bookstores are devoted to motivational books, motivational tapes, motivational videos and motivational CDs. People pay thousands of dollars to spend a weekend in the presence of motivational celebrities, who encourage them to follow their dreams and fight their demons. Even daytime television has become a source of motivation. Celebrities like Dr. Phil and Oprah motivate us to lose weight, give to charity or join a book club.

The motivation business is based on one thing and one thing only: pleasure. It feels good to see people turn their lives around on national TV. It feels good to hear stories of underdogs who finished on top, or read about stars who had to suffer before they succeeded. However, just because it feels good doesn't mean it works. If an author's motivational book really worked, why would he have to write a dozen new volumes?

Hypnosis and Motivation

Unlike many other forms of motivation, hypnosis really works. Luckily, hypnosis is also pleasurable. Being hypnotized is as relaxing and pleasant as a long daydream or a professional massage. More importantly, however, hypnosis is effective.

Thousands upon thousands of people have used hypnosis to help them fight their phobias or quit their bad habits. Others have used hypnosis simply as a means to motivate them toward their goals. Hypnosis helps them stay on track, pursuing their goals without falling back into bad habits. If you've tried many motivational products and found them to be lacking, you may want to look for a motivational hypnosis product with a money back guarantee. Many companies offer 30 to 90 day return policies, making hypnosis an especially wise investment.

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