Hypnosis And Sex

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Hypnosis is a very important tool in sex therapy. People with serious sexual issues may wish to see a therapist once or twice a week, for intensive psychotherapy. During these sessions, the therapist may use hypnosis to relax the patient and alleviate any feelings of shame or embarrassment. This will enable the patient to face his or her sexual issues more honestly and more quickly.

For people with milder sexual problems, simply listening to a hypnosis MP3 or cassette tape may be enough. For instance, a person who suffers from frequent premature ejaculation may wish to download a hypnosis MP3 specifically designed for this problem. Downloading these MP3s is affordable and private. It's also convenient: the hypnosis sessions aren't terribly long, so a person can listen to the session every day.

Hypnosis and Relaxation

Many sexual problems, like premature ejaculation or difficulty maintaining an erection, are exacerbated by stress. When a man becomes anxious about achieving and maintaining an erection, it becomes much harder to do so. The problem is comparable to that of insomnia. The more you worry about not being able to fall asleep, the less likely it becomes that you will be able to do so. Coincidentally, insomnia is also frequently treated through hypnosis.

Hypnosis can also help people deal with issues that, while not strictly sexual, can impact sexual relationships significantly. For instance, hypnosis can help curb bed wetting Adult bed wetting is a surprisingly common problem that can seriously affect the sufferer's willingness to begin an intimate relationship.

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