Hypnosis For Depression

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Learning to treat your own depression can be very empowering. Too many people rely solely on anti-depressant medications to "cure" them. While anti-depressants are certainly very powerful, and can be incredibly beneficial to people who suffer from depression, their use alone is not enough to get to the root of the depression.

Depression attacks on many levels and, as such, it must be treated on many levels. Learning to truly relax is one of the most important steps in treating your depression. Among the most powerful tools for relaxation are self-hypnosis, creative visualization, or a combination of these two techniques. Many people first listen to a hypnosis CD or cassette tape, then practice positive, creative visualization. The combination is not only effective, but highly enjoyable. In fact, hypnosis in general is a very relaxing, enjoyable practice.

Hypnosis for Depression

Learning to relax through hypnosis, deep breathing and creative visualization is essential to fighting depression. So many of us spend our days and nights in a state of constant, mild anxiety. Try this little experiment: take a deep breath then, as you exhale, try relaxing your shoulders. When you relax your shoulders, they will drop slightly, so that they are ever so slightly closer to the floor. Perform three or four of these inhalations and relaxing exhalations. Chances are your shoulders are now significantly more relaxed than they were a minute ago.

Now ask yourself, why were you tense in the first place? Unless you'd just been in an argument or felt startled by a sudden noise, there was no reason for you to feel tense--and yet you did. Habitual, unnecessary tension like this robs us of energy. Hypnosis will help you put a halt to the insidious leak of energy that is tension.

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