Adult Disposable Briefs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Adult disposable briefs add a dimension of comfort and convenience to the list of incontinence products. Disposable inserts have been around for a long time. For many years this was the only protection available for urinary or bowel incontinence. The inserts were a great improvement over the options existing before the 1970s. The introduction of disposable briefs for adults changed the confidence of many with incontinence difficulties.

The adult disposable briefs have been improved since the introduction in the recent past. They are made to fit perfectly for both male and female designs. The latex-free material makes them tolerable for most skin conditions. Close fitting tabs on the sides make a perfect adjustable fit for any body style. Elastic gathers around the leg provide excellent leak protection for any size. Wing shape extends the coverage needed for most women. Odor reduction and urine neutralizing is crucial for skin protection and aesthetic comfort.

Adult Disposable Briefs for Confident Living

Adult disposable briefs are made especially for men as well. There are fewer men than women experiencing incontinence, but there are still millions affected. Many of the incontinence products are not gender specific. They are only decided by waist size. The typical brief is from small to extra large covering waist sizes from 20 inches to 64 inches.

Tabs that can be reused make it possible for those with intermittent incontinence to have normal body functions without the need to replace the brief every time it is removed. It also allows the caregiver an opportunity to evaluate the condition of an invalid without unnecessarily having to remove the disposable brief.

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