Dignity Briefs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Dignity briefs can help any man or woman feel like they can go about their everyday living in style. The briefs designed for the woman are delicately trimmed with lace and has a fitted, scalloped waist. The legs are elastic for a secure fit. The protective pad fits fully between the legs and is long enough to give total coverage for incontinence. Pads are available in different levels of control.

The Dignity briefs for men are designed to look like a regular pair of shorts. With the comfort of an elastic waistband and a soft cotton blend material, they are easy to wear. Pads are available specifically for men with a pouch to maintain comfort and absorption control. Different levels of control are available. The amount of padding can be adjusted to fit the requirement.

Dignity Briefs Look and Feel Natural

Dignity briefs come in sizes small, medium, large, extra, and plus for the women. The sizes for the men are small, medium, large, extra, and XXL. With all the options available, it is possible to find excellent coverage in an attractive brief to handle light to moderate urinary incontinence. If the incontinence is moderate to heavy, be sure to read the capacity of fluid retention of the pad to make sure the coverage is adequate. Heavy fluid content may require a different kind of pad.

Pull-on underwear protection is also available from Dignity in disposable material. These have the feel of briefs wirh stretch that makes it easy to dress and undress. To find the right style and absorbency, check the labels. Some are thinner for lighter episodes of incontinence while others are capable of holding more than one episode of incontinence. Maintain confidence by always wearing the right level of protection.

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