Guards For Men

Written by Norene Anderson
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The design of Guards for Men is a specific pad for the male anatomy and has an adhesive to wear with regular briefs. Fewer men than women have urinary incontinence. The reason for such a large gap between men and women may be that more men than women hesitate to discuss this delicate issue with their physicians. Even though it is an embarrassing subject to talk about, it is very important to let your healthcare provider know if there are repeated episodes of lack of urine control.

The great news for all men is the ability to continue a normal lifestyle. With products such as Guards for Men providing the protection needed, even active men can go about daily activities without concern for an accidental leak of urine creating a bad situation. This product is made with a very absorbent design to prevent leakage. The thin design makes it easy to wear discreetly. Treatment for odor control turns the urine into a gel-like substance to inhibit leaking and odor.

Guards for Men and Urinary Incontinence

Guards for Men will provide protection for light to moderate absorbency. Boxer shorts will not work when protection for incontinence is required. Briefs that fit snugly are the type of underwear the product is designed for. Excellent protection is the desired result. This allows men to maintain a normal routine in comfort.

Finding the right protection may be by trial and error. If the product you are using is bulky and uncomfortable, it may be that you are trying for too much protection. There are other products designed for heavy urine loss. It is important to match the incontinence product with the extent of the urine leakage. Discuss all symptoms with your healthcare provider to find the cause and possible treatment for urinary incontinence.

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