Incontinence Products

Written by Norene Anderson
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Incontinence products are needed by millions of individuals. This need is one that is not easily or openly discussed. In fact, it is a problem that many patients are reluctant or embarrassed to discuss with their healthcare providers. This is unfortunate because there are so many excellent products available to discreetly disguise any signs of incontinence.

Many do not seek medical help for incontinence simply because they relate it as a natural sign of the aging process. An overactive bladder can have many origins. It can be related to disorders of the bladder or sphincter. If the nerves associated with the bladder are impeded in any way, it can lead to incontinence. Infection is a major contributor to the overactive bladder syndrome. Medication side effects can also cause the inability to contain the urine.

Incontinence Products Restore Dignity

Some of the symptoms that can be helped with incontinence products include urge incontinence and urinary stress incontinence. A physician in the medical specialty of urology is the healthcare provider best qualified to diagnose the source of the problem and to determine appropriate treatment. Many conditions can be treated with medication or with a more extensive treatment such as surgery.

Social isolation is the major byproduct of incontinence. This can lead to psychological problems such as depression. With the great variety of incontinence products that are available, it is possible to have an active, productive lifestyle without worry or concern about having an "accident." More women than men suffer from urinary incontinence. One of the first symptoms to be recognized is the loss of urine when coughing or sneezing. Wearing one of the panty-thin shields saves an embarrassing moment.

Normal Activities Are a Possibility

One of the possible side effects resulting from prostate surgery is urinary incontinence. Incontinence products are available to give men the security and protection needed to avoid a mortifying experience. The ability to discreetly hide the loss of urine is the goal of sensitive manufacturers. Many of the conditions causing incontinence are treatable. While treatment is ongoing, it is important to utilize the wide scope of products that are available. This will allow the incontinent individual to go about normal activities uninhibited.

Incontinence products are used on patients with a variety of diseases. A stroke, diabetes, or some nervous system disorders can leave a person without control of bladder or colon functions. Cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis are two neuromuscular diseases that may lead to the need for incontinence products. Damage to the spinal cord can result in the inability to control normal body functions.

Use Discreet Incontinence Products for Life

Many of the causes of incontinence are treatable, especially if diagnosed early. Urinary incontinence is not the only area that is often a stigma. Loss of bowel control is a problem for many individuals. It is a common problem in elderly men and women. This often occurs due to loss of muscle strength in the anal sphincter. This muscle retains the stool in the rectum. Loss of rectal sensation is another factor in fecal incontinence.

Excellent products are available for urinary and fecal incontinence. While this is great news, never substitute the use of products alone for a visit to your healthcare provider. There are many options for treating a variety of incontinence problems. Let the products give you back your freedom while your physician determines the cause of the incontinence.

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