Incontinence Supplies

Written by Norene Anderson
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Incontinence supplies are a life-changing necessity for millions of Americans living with either urinary or fecal incontinence. There are pads of various shapes and sizes. Some pads are designed to adhere to regular underwear. The skin side of the pad is soft and designed to draw the fluid away from the body to protect the skin from irritation. It is secured by elastic gathering around the legs.

There are pads that can be worn as undergarments. They have a belt or tabs to hold them in place instead of adhering to the underwear. Briefs are designed with different levels of padding to absorb the needed amount of fluid. Rapid fluid acquisition is the key to protecting the skin from the burning effects of the urine. It is easier to keep irritation away than to provide an environment for it to heal once it is active.

Incontinence Supplies to Consider

Pull-on briefs have made it possible to actually feel like you are wearing a regular pair of panties or shorts. The ease of putting on or taking off the protection is a big advantage when a quick change is needed. Incontinence supplies that are vital to maintaining good skin care include specially designed washcloths to cleanse the area between changes. The skin of an adult needs the same gentle care that a baby receives when the diaper is changed.

Protection for the bed is another of the many incontinence supplies needed to provide a clean environment for the incontinent individual. If overnight incontinence is a problem, it may be necessary to provide added protection. Pads for bedding are available as disposable or as washable and reusable. Both are great for peace of mind knowing the bedding will remain dry.

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