Kendall Briefs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kendall briefs are made to fit a broad range of sizes from youth to extra large. The full fit design covers completely and offers maximum absorbency. It is made comfortable by the top sheet that allows the brief to breathe. The absorbent layer pulls the moisture away from the skin. This reduces the irritation that can result from acidic urine. Wing areas are tight fitting to reduce the possibility of leakage. The material is treated with an agent to reduce odor.

Some of the Kendall briefs have a waistband. This gives a secure feeling of wearing an undergarment that is going to stay in place even with strenuous activity. Fibers treated for super absorbency trap the liquid and remove it from the skin to provide the protection needed for maintaining healthy skin. Six adjustable tabs make it possible to obtain a perfect fit regardless of stature.

Kendall Briefs and Other Incontinence Products

Other protective underwear that is worn like Kendall briefs provides the same protection but is a wear and toss disposable. Instead of changing the pad, the entire underwear is disposable. Personal preference will determine the right style and material of briefs that is right for you. The level of protection is also a consideration. The pad you choose will determine the amount of protection you have available.

Incontinence affects millions of people. Many wear briefs with protection and go about their usual business and no one knows the difference. Thanks to the ability to wear incontinence products with such high rates of absorbency, many can lead a normal lifestyle. For those confined to bed, the comfort level is still a major factor. Other products for incontinence are available to make the best possible out of an undesirable condition.

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