Male Incontinence

Written by Norene Anderson
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Male incontinence accounts for approximately 20 percent of the millions with some type of urinary incontinence. It has been thought and joked about for years that incontinence products are just a part of getting old. Fortunately, it is not the destiny of all seniors. It is a symptom that can be caused by a variety of health conditions. One of the best remedies is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and good eating habits. Plenty of rest and healthy stress relief will go a long way in promoting overall good health.

One of the most common causes of male incontinence is the prostate. An enlarged prostate can cause problems with the surrounding muscles and nerve responses causing release of urine with no control. Prostate cancer requiring surgery frequently results in a temporary time of incontinence. The length of time and the severity of the incontinence will vary with each individual.

Managing Male Incontinence

Maintaining normal activities while experiencing and treating male incontinence is possible by using the pads made especially for men. There are many treatment options available for incontinence. Most of the time, treatment is successful in eliminating this annoying and embarrassing problem. Even if treatment does not completely end the incontinence, there are many products available to make it totally manageable where a normal lifestyle can be maintained.

The first step in finding the cure is to acknowledge the problem. Be totally honest with your physician and discuss the details of your experience. You will need a record of the frequency and activities resulting in urinary incontinence. This will help your physician determine the cause and find the best treatment modality for you. Your healthcare professional will help you work through the delicate issues involved with urinary incontinence.

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