Prevail Briefs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Prevail briefs are designed for managing maximum incontinence. Skin care is vital and the extremely high absorbency fiber pulls the moisture away from the skin to reduce irritation. The Full-Mat briefs provide an extra convenience for caregivers with a change in color to indicate wetness. Comfort is always a priority in good quality incontinence products and Prevail has a high standard for comfort and performance.

Other Prevail briefs include a waistband design and a heavy duty absorption design for overnight management or for extremely heavy urine output. This is great for protection during both bladder and bowel incontinence. The capacity is designed to contain both without leakage. This is very important, particularly during the nighttime. Both the waistband and overnight design are available in sizes medium and large.

Prevail Briefs Provide Security

Other products that are available to enhance the use of Prevail briefs include underpads to protect bedding and chairs, male guards, and Prevail pads. There is a full line of incontinence products available to make it possible to live without always being concerned about having an accident or an embarrassing situation arise. Complete coverage and protection are available with the use of briefs and other supporting products.

If you are experiencing incontinence and have not yet been to a physician, it is important to see your healthcare provider. Incontinence is not a disease. It is a result of something going on in your body that is abnormal. It may be from medication, injury, disease, or other causes. Treatment is available for many types of incontinence. Let your physician help you get the very most out of life by treating the cause of incontinence for the best results possible.

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