Tena Briefs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tena briefs are noted for the softness of the cover. It is quiet and gentle to the skin. One of the embarrassing features of many adult briefs or incontinence products is the rattle of plastic with movement. It is like broadcasting to everyone around that you are wearing some sort of diaper. The design by Tena eliminates that problem and enables the incontinent person to mix and mingle in a crowd without restraint.

Security is enhanced by a core designed to quickly draw the moisture in and away from the skin. At the same time, the outer layer protects the clothing to maintain dryness. A tight fit is certain with the specially designed curved elastic around the legs. This draws the brief in to protect against leakage. The Tena briefs are free of latex. The tape fasteners can be opened and closed several times.

Benefits of Tena Briefs

Caring for an incontinent patient can be challenging when it comes to keeping the skin dry and the soiled briefs removed in a timely fashion. With an indicator that changes color when it becomes wet, this responsibility is made much easier. Just a glance can determine the need to change or not to change instead of having to disturb the patient frequently to check the moisture status. This is particularly helpful when family members are caring for a loved one who is confined to bed.

Tena briefs and protective underwear are available in designs with the utmost care given to quality and comfort. Odor control is built into every garment. That is an invaluable aspect for anyone experiencing the humiliation of the loss of bodily function in public. There are many excellent products to improve the life of anyone living with incontinence.

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