Urinary Incontinence Products

Written by Norene Anderson
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Urinary incontinence products are designed to give a sense of control and normalcy to individuals dealing with the embarrassment and inconvenience of incontinence. When choosing a pad to absorb the leaking urine, pay close attention to the material. It should be soft for skin comfort and the legs should be gathered for a tight fit and adequate protection. A rapid absorb should pull the moisture away from the skin and into the pad.

It is important to use a pad that fits the contour of your body. Some pads have an adhesive strip that makes it a part of your undergarment. Others are belted and will hold tightly without regard to the type of undergarment worn. Some urinary incontinence products are totally self-contained as pull-on protection. There are designs that look like a panty or a pair of briefs with the pad for absorption contained in the garment. This gives a feel of normalcy while protecting from the unexpected.

Many Urinary Incontinence Products to Consider

There are urinary incontinence products available for the individual with minimal leakage. These are thin liners with adhesive to attach to the panty. Whether you need total protection or minimal protection, there are many products to consider. Absorption is very important. A super absorbent material is vital for assurance of total retention of urine. A moisture barrier to prevent skin irritation is also important.

Odor control is imperative in any incontinence product. Check the description for indicators to neutralize the odor of the urine. Soiled protection should be removed as soon as possible to avoid skin irritation. Briefs come in a variety of absorption dimensions from light to heavy loss of control. Caregivers of incontinent individuals will find products that are easy to remove simply by opening the tabs or tearing down the side of the garment. With so many styles and materials to choose from, it is easy to find one that is right for you or your loved one.

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