Atkins Cake

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it comes to sweet desires for desserts, Atkins cake delivers. Atkins wasn't a fool. He knew that you probably wouldn't stick to the diet for very long if it didn't offer anything sweet. He was right. How many of us would stick with a diet if all we could eat were fish, salad, eggs and other not very sweet products? There would come a day when we just couldn't stand it any longer. We would go nuts in the local bakery or donut place. It wouldn't be pretty.

Atkins cake satisfies both the baker and non-baker. For those who take pride in their baking from scratch, and like to have a good lick at the bowl, Atkins supplies many great recipes. You can even purchase Atkins Bake Mix to use in your cake as a substitute for sugar. There are recipes for cheesecake (did you ever think it would happen?), coconut layer cake, chocolate cake, and more.

As much as we all like to lick the bowl of a good cake mix, some of us just aren't cut out for baking. This doesn't mean we don't like great baked goods in our pantries and our tummies. Luckily, Atkins cake comes prepared. You can buy it in certain low carb grocery stores or order it off the Internet. Just reading the list of cake options will make you salivate and wish you had some right now.

Atkins Cake for the Non-Believers

I'm sure there are some of you sitting there thinking, "No way are these cakes any good. They probably taste like dry cornmeal or cement." Well, if that's your attitude, go ahead and keep on eating the high carb stuff. See what it does to your thighs. Before you do that, though, just give it a try. You may get a pleasant surprise for your taste buds.

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