Atkins Candy Bars

Written by Liza Hartung
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Sometimes you just need Atkins candy bars for a little pick-me-up and sweet tooth satisfier. You can get the same great taste from these and other low carb bars as you can from regular candy. I know. I've tried them. Let me tell you, coming from an expert on sweet eating, these candy bars are great. The ones that I really enjoy are from the brand Carbolite. I get them at my local Trader Joe's.

They come in straight chocolate, caramel, nougat, chocolate crisp, chocolate almon and more. Not only that, you can get chewy sour candy like citrus slices from Carbolite. They are magnificent. The first time I had one, a friend had given it to me. I was a little wary. Usually when a typically carb-filled food is lacking carbs, I get a little worried. After one bite, though, I was hooked.

Being Smart with Atkins Candy Bars

You've just got to make sure that you don't turn Atkins candy bars into your meals. Yes, they are low in carbs. Yes, you can eat them during most of the phases of the Atkins diet. However, they don't have much nutritional value. They're really only there to give you a little sweet taste when a craving just won't go away. For movie fans, it's not a bad idea to pair a bar with some popcorn while sitting in the dark theater.

I purposely don't keep Atkins candy bars in my home. Otherwise, I will eat them right away. If you know that you have this tendency, you might want to consider the same thing. Buy one when you go out. Eat it then or save it for later. It's also nice because they are packaged individually. You know exactly what the right portion is.

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